Rehearsal Summary - November 9th

Hi Juniors!

First of all, thank you again, for all of your hard work last week working on "Somewhere in My Memory"! Secondly, thanks for another great rehearsal. You will find today's summary below:

  1. Welcome!

  2. Warm up - reviewed major scale with solfege and hand signs, as well as vowel shapes

  3. Discussed last week's and this week's recording (this week we are working on "Remembering Decembers")

  4. Rehearsed "Remembering Decembers" in sections, as a whole, with the piano accompaniment, and discussed "navigating" the music (eg. looking for bar numbers and systems)

  5. Worked on theory in J1/J2 groups

  6. Sang our Goodbye Song!

Homework: record "Remembering Decembers" memorized (there will be an email with more detail coming very soon), and make sure you keep practicing our solo in "Pat-a-Pan". Theory for Nov. 16th is p. 11 and 12.

Take care, everyone,


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