Rehearsal Summary - November 9th

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Great work today! We had a full but productive session.

  1. Welcome Song: "Welcome to Music" (echo song in ABA form - singing A section, listening B section)

  2. Movement Warm-Up: piano cues

  3. Vocal Warm-Up: descending pentascales, sighs and sirens, descending scales

  4. Little Drummer Boy: percussion tech troubleshooting, walkthrough with video

  5. I've Got Peace Like a River: movement game and song

  6. Pat-a-Pan: practiced verse 1 singing at tempo, verses 2&3 sung for fun, pretending to play flutes and drums in the middle. Practised whispered "pat-a-pan" at the end.

  7. Movement for Form & Expression: The Aquarium (Carnival of the Animals)

  8. Recording Q&A


1a. Please submit your video recording for "Little Drummer Boy" soon if you haven't already done so. The vocal recordings that I've seen so far are great!

1b. Let's set our new deadline for "Little Drummer Boy" percussion to the evening of Friday, November 13. Here is the video guide for the percussion part... When taking a video of the percussion part, please have this in your ear. I have updated our earlier Chorister Corner post titled "Recording Instructions" to include this. Echo what you hear on your drum! Hopefully, this will make more sense now! Thank you all for your patience and great questions.

2a. We are also recording verse 1 (vocal with actions) of Pat-a-Pan, aiming also for Friday, November 13 if possible. Here is the track to listen to when practising and recording: Accompaniment track with piano and voice for verse 1.

To record the ending "whisper" you can use this track.

2b. Could we take a 10 second video recording of some movement?

- smiling and pretending to play the flute

- smiling and pretending to play the drums (no actual drum)

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