Rehearsal Summary: October 19

Vocal Warm-up. Let Brad & Carol know if you would like to have access to the 10 minute warm-up video, "Vocal Loneliness - Singing at Home". We will share it with you.

Introduction: Fair Phyllis (scores forwarded by email)

We started to learn on Oct. 19. Soundfiles to follow. Please listen to recording:

Continue to review Les Mis movements "Castle on A Cloud" and "Do You Hear"? Look at "At the End of the Day", the opening movement, for next rehearsal.

Continue to explore SoundTrap. When you post "Castle on A Cloud" or any other song in your Studio on STrap, we will comment and give you next steps to support your growth as a singer. You must always SAVE and SHARE your work with us.

Reminder: Oct. 26 is 'YOGA for SINGERS'. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and have a mat ready for our usual time - 7:30. Keep singing between rehearsals!

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