Rehearsal Summary - Oct. 5th

Hi Juniors!

Thanks for another fun rehearsal :) It was a special treat to welcome Adam, our Orff Coordinator. We have lots to look forward to this year.

A summary of the rehearsal, as well as the homework, is below:

  1. Staff intros

  2. Brief warm up: Major scale with solfege and hand signs - reviewed whole notes and half notes

  3. Sang hello to everyone one by one with actions!

  4. "Somewhere in My Memory" - m. 6 - 28

  5. "Remembering Decembers" - m. 5 - 12

  6. Sang our Goodbye Song

  7. Theory (pages 3 and 4 - due October 19th)

  8. HOMEWORK: know the sections of our two winter pieces that we learned today (see above)

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone!


Note: I hope to post recordings of the two winter songs ASAP - please stand by for a coming blog post on that subject :)

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