Rehearsal Summary - October 16th

Great work, Prep singers! What a treat to meet the Senior Treble singers and to collaborate on "Little Drummer Boy." Here is a brief summary of our rehearsal:

  1. Welcome Song

  2. Warm-up (owl hooting sighs and sirens, descending pentascales, descending major scales, "yo ho ho ho ho" triads)

  3. Little Drummer Boy: focus on verse 3 - text, add notes

  4. Movement: Will you please stand up? (marching to the beat, tempo, etc.)

  5. Community - Breakout Rooms: Getting to know each other (name + what would you choose if you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life?)

  6. Little Drummer Boy: focus on verses 1 & 2 - snap at the end of phrases

  7. Community/Movement - Scavenger Hunt: Find something that is red, makes sound, writing utensil, write on, treasure.

  8. Pitch Exploration: sighs and sirens with graphic representation (full group, solos)

  9. Closing and Goodbye Song

Homework: Continue to practice owl songs, work on "Little Drummer Boy" in F Major (higher key).

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