Rehearsal Summary - October 19th

Great work today, Preps! Here is a brief summary of our rehearsal.

  1. Welcome song in ABA form + your movement creations (arms above head, clapping) for the B section.

  2. A sweet fundraiser announcement from Lauren and Charlotte

  3. Warm-Ups: body (apple-picking, elbows, rag doll, roll up), breath and voice (owl hooting, descending pentascales, descending major scales on 'ah')

  4. Little Drummer Boy: all on 'ah,' then worked on verse 1 memorizing words

  5. Rhythm: echo rhythms on drum

  6. Little Drummer Boy: add ostinato (ta, ti-ti) throughout

  7. Movement (with scarf): stand up, sit down, legato, staccato, melting, marching, varied tempi

  8. Pat-a-Pan: verse 1 (with our names in the lyrics) and verse 2 review with movement (pretending to play flutes and drums)

  9. Goodbye song and sign off!

HOMEWORK: Continue to polish "Little Drummer Boy," singing on 'ah' and on the words. Verse 1 words should all be memorized. Work on memorizing verse 2 & 3 words on your own at home!

Continue to sing "Pat-a-Pan," especially verse 1. Sing to yourself, your family, and your toys! Listen to the music often for Pat-a-Pan. By early November, you will know these so well and will feel very well-rehearsed!

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