Rehearsal Summary - October 19th

Thanks for a great rehearsal, Juniors!

It was so nice to see how many of you are practicing and checking the blog now :) It really helped, today.

A summary of our rehearsal is below:

  1. Welcome! - Staff, TAs, new chorister :)

  2. Warm up: Major scale with hand signs, solfege, and numbers. "8-7-6... shake"!

  3. "Remembering Decembers" - reviewed homework (m. 5-20) and learned new section

  4. "Somewhere in My Memory" - discussed some winter memories and traditions, reviewed homework (m. 6-28)

  5. Theory (pages 5 and 6 - due October 26th)

  6. Sang our Goodbye Song

Homework: Please keep practicing what you already know in both our songs, and learn the following new sections (using the sound files in the previous post):

"Somewhere in My Memory" - m. 30-37

"Remembering Decembers" - m. 21 - 36

"Pat-a-Pan" - listen to the recording at this link:

Have a great week, everyone!


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