Rehearsal Summary - October 23rd

Fun times today! Here is a brief summary of our rehearsal.

  1. Welcome Song in rondo form (ABACA) using my body percussion for the B section and choristers' own body percussion creations for the C section.

  2. Warm-Ups: body (8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1), breath and pitch exploration (exaggerated inflections "hello, goodbye, how are you?" and different echoing voices "This is my speaking, whispering, owl, witch, spooky ghost, skeletons, etc. voice" as pitch exploration exercises), voice (descending pentascales)

  3. Little Drummer Boy: Verse 2

  4. Movement: "Will you please stand up?" game with piano (legato, staccato, added minor mode "zombie" today)

  5. Pat-a-Pan: Full song (listening & actions), all 3 verses (echo singing, with a focus on polishing verse 1), and the final whispered "Pat-a-Pan."

  6. Rhythm/Ear: Echoing quarter and 8th note patterns using "ta" and "ti-ti"

  7. New movement song: Mother Goonie Bird

  8. Goodbye song and signed off

Homework: Please polish "Little Drummer Boy" (all 3 verses) and "Pat-a-Pan" (verse 1).

Listening links are in the previous rehearsal summaries.

Have a wonderful weekend, and see you on Monday!

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