Rehearsal Summary - October 26th

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Hi Juniors!

Thanks for some extra Halloween fun today!

A summary of our rehearsal is below:

  1. Welcome!

  2. Warm up - Major scale with solfege and hand signs, introduced egg shakers to reinforce concept of steady beat

  3. "Remembering Decembers" - reviewed newer section (m. 21 - 36), ran through everything we know, and got a sneak preview of homework for this week

  4. "Somewhere in My Memory" - reviewed homework (m. 30 - 37)

  5. Read/sang a book called "Shake Dem Halloween Bones" - used egg shakers for chorus to practice singing with a steady beat

  6. Sang our Goodbye Song

  7. Theory (pages 7 and 8, due November 2nd)

Your homework this week is to learn verse 2 of "Pat-a-Pan" (m. 38 - 50) and a sound file of that verse is attached to this post to help you practice. (There is also a video of the entire piece being performed in last week's post.)

Additionally, please continue to practice up to m. 44 in "Remembering Decembers" (some of that is new for this week), and m. 37 in "Somewhere in My Memory". The sound files can be found in a previous post, if you need them :)

Pat-a-Pan verse 2 - Junior Chorus
Download M4A • 241KB

Have a happy and safe Halloween, everyone 👻🎃!


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