Rehearsal Summary - October 26th

Great rehearsal today! Here is a brief summary.

  1. Warm-ups: small & big body shapes, lemon face & lion face (body), wind/owl/witch/speaking/whispering/etc. voices (vocal exploration)

  2. Welcome Song: "Good evening, I'm feeling good today" -- experience ABACA form with student-led movement creation, then learned about how to represent the first part of that form with letters (ABA).

  3. Pat-a-Pan: rhythm echoes with rhythm syllables, then with drum

  4. Pat-a-Pan: singing verse 1, 2, 3 and the end, with a focus on verse 1

  5. All Around the Brickyard (concepts: steady beat, student-led movement creation, F+ song)

  6. Little Drummer Boy: review full song, focus on fixing a pitch error "our finest gifts to bring pa ra" and continuing to polish verses 2&3.

  7. Goodbye Song

Please keep your eye out for a recording to practice the rhythm sections in the middle of Pat-a-Pan.

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