Rehearsal Summary - October 30th

That was a fantastic rehearsal! Hope you had as much fun as I did. Here is a brief summary.

Happy Hallowe'en to all those who are celebrating today! It was great to see some costumes and to hear all about your Halowe'en plans.

  1. Welcome Song: "Good Evening..." (singing and movement with student-led creation; labeled the full form ABACA and learned about the term rondo form.)

  2. Warm-Up: "This is my singing voice..." + imaginative spooky voices + student-led creation

  3. Happy (Belated) Birthday to Ipek

  4. Pat-a-Pan Verse 1: Targetted note and rhythmic accuracy work

  5. Pat-a-Pan Movement: pretending to play flutes, pretending to play drums

  6. Community: Happy Halloween! & mini discussion of celebrations after Hallowe'en (Dia de Los Muertos, Diwali, Christmas, Hanukkah) to give some context to our repertoire. "What do you love about the holiday season?"

  7. Little Drummer Boy Verse 3

  8. Prep Chorus Workbook: Pages 1-2

  9. Goodbye Song


Please complete this Google form, which follows up on the question that we have been discussing in rehearsal. Due Friday, November 6th, or earlier.

Please continue to practice "Pat-a-Pan" and "Little Drummer Boy," both the singing and the drum parts. You'll be so ready by the time we take our recordings! The practice resources are in previous posts, and I have reposted them below.


Little Drummer Boy (use F+ recordings)

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