Rehearsal Summary October 5

Check that all is complete from last week. Your own part (Sept. 21 post) is downloaded into your SoundTrap account, and you have recorded your part there by singing along. Be sure to look at the score and of course, your own pitches, while you are singing.

Now that we have some knowledge and facility with SoundTrap, invite a friend to listen to your recording. Continue to practice your part of "In Winter" with the recording at home. By Oct. 19, you will be very well rehearsed.

Find a friend of the same voice type, collaborate and put your parts together for Oct. 19!

Some suggestions as you practice, based on submissions in SoundTrap so far:

  1. dipthongs (double vowel sounds): night/white or bright/light. Be sure to sing the long note on ah---------so ti sounds like nah-----------eet. Sing on the ah. For day and away: Be sure to sing the long note on e as in bed. de---------ee.

  2. Phrases: These legato lines are long. Move your arm to the side as you sing to keep the phrases smooth. This sounds so beautiful! Avoid breathing when there is a long note like a half note or longer.

  3. Sing out. It is hard to project and use all your air while singing alone at home. But we must do that right now. Do your best here. It is an opportunity to improve your solo voice!

  4. Breathe earlier for your phrases. Some are breathing at the last second, and don't get enough air for the long phrase.

  5. Have fun! We will be recording this song in November. You will sound beautiful.

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