Rehearsal Summary - October 5th

Great rehearsal, folks!

Please see below for a brief summary of what we covered today:

1. Welcome song (Concepts: A B A form, put the B section together without echos today)

2. Physical warm-up: reaching up for 5 ("picking apples"), reaching low for 5

3. Breath exercises (panting like a big wild cat, panting like a small wild cat)

4. Vocal warm-up: descending pentascales on "ah"

5. Pat-a-Pan: learned the 'chorus' section, singing with actions. Added in opening lines as echo singing using children's names.

6. Movement Game: standing up, sitting down, marching on the spot to different tempi.

7. Little Drummer Boy: reviewed verse 1 & verse 2, learned text for verse 3

8. Ear Training / Music Literacy: rhythm echoes with rhythm sticks (duple time, quarter notes and eighth notes).

9. Pat-a-Pan: rhythm echoes with rhythm sticks (pat-a-pan, pat-a-pan, pat-a-pat-a-pat-a-pan)

10. Goodbye song and sign off!

Homework: Practice all 3 verses of "Little Drummer Boy." Listen to the practice track for our song "Little Drummer Boy" and sing along. You can use the track labelled "ALL VERSES" or tackle specific verses for more focused practice.

Please also listen to "Pat-a-Pan" and sing along with the part that we have learned (near the beginning). See if you can catch the "pat-a-pan, pat-a-pan, pat-a-pat-a-pat-a-pan" parts which happen later in the song!

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