Rehearsal Summary - October 9th

Great work today! Please note that there is no rehearsal on Monday, October 12th. I will see you on Friday, October 16th for a combined rehearsal with the Senior Trebles. Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for all of you.

Here is a brief summary of our rehearsal.

  1. Welcome Song

  2. Physical warm-up: mirror me rhythms with jumps, claps, and body percussion (concepts: quarter notes, eighth notes) & reach for 5 (apple picking).

  3. Pitch exploration: owl hooting, sighs and sirens

  4. Vocal warm-up: descending pentascales

  5. "Little Drummer Boy" - reviewed all 3 verses, focused on verse 3 as unmuted echoes, explored a lower key.

  6. Movement Game: stand up/sit down, marching to different tempi, legato, staccato, pretending to play flutes, pretending to play drums

  7. Rhythm work - echoing duple rhythm patterns with rhythm syllables using our chorister kits (concepts: quarter notes, eighth notes)

  8. "Pat-a-Pan" - reviewed verse 1 as echoes with modified lyrics, reviewed first percussion section with rhythm stick and soap box

  9. Wrapped-up and signed off


1. Sing and record "Little Drummer Boy" in the higher key and the lower key. Submit your recording HERE. You can listen to the practice track while you sing. DUE: Morning of Wednesday, October 14 so that I can listen to them before our joint rehearsal with the Senior Trebles on Friday.

2. Continue to practice "Pat-a-Pan" (click here for the modified lyrics, the YouTube listening link, and the practice tracks) and "Little Drummer Boy" (click here for the lyrics and for the practice tracks).

3. Practice gentle owl hooting.

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