Rehearsal Summary - September 25th

Hi Prep Choristers,

It was so great to see you again today! Thank you for your patience with today's technical difficulties. Please see below for a brief summary of what we covered today:

1. Welcome song

2. Introductions from Ipek and well wishes from Lane

3. Physical warm-up: tall stance, "mirror me" movements

4. Vocal warm-up, pitch exploration and head voice exercises through sighs and sirens (ice cream hums with "Ice Cream" story and student solos, slide whistles)

5. Little Drummer Boy: learned verse 1 by rote on neutral syllables, plus the "pa rum pum pum pum" text, then added in words.

6. Ear Training and Music Literacy: rhythm echoes in duple time, focusing on quarter notes ("ta") and eighth note pairs ("ti-ti"), and a brief introduction to notation for quarter notes and eighth notes.

7. Movement Game: reviewed "Wake Up You Lazy Bones!" (Concepts: so-do relationships, movement for form expression, duple vs. triple time)

8. Echo Song: "Kye Kye Kule" sang with movements.

9. Call and Response Song: "Who Did Some Singing? I did!" with hand signs

10. Sang our Goodbye Song and signed off.

Homework: Listen to the practice track for our song "Little Drummer Boy" and sing along to verse 1. You can use the track labelled "ALL VERSES" or the track labelled "VERSE 1 ONLY" for more focused practice. Please also listen to "The Beat of a Different Drum" and "Pat-a-Pan."

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