Rehearsal Summary - September 21st

Hi Junior Choristers,

It was so great to finally see all of you today! I had a great time meeting and singing with all of you.

Please see below for a brief summary of what we covered today:

  1. Welcome to VIVA!

  2. Introductions from staff

  3. Warm up - worked on major scale with solfege syllables and hand signs

  4. Introductions from choristers

  5. Theory info from Tyler - please email all completed theory work to

  6. Learned the opening of "Somewhere in My Memory"

  7. Sang through our Goodbye Song and signed off

  8. Homework: listen to one or both of our songs - "Somewhere in My Memory" and "Remembering Decembers" and sing along

Thank you all for a lovely first rehearsal. Can't wait to see you next week!

Keep smiling,


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