Rehearsal Summary - September 21st

Hi Prep Choristers,

It was so great to meet all of you today! I had a great time meeting, moving, and singing with all of you.

Please see below for a brief summary of what we covered today:

1. Welcome to VIVA!

2. Introductions from staff and Prep Choir photo

3. Physical warm-up: 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 shake!

4. Introductions from choristers

5. Pitch exploration and head voice exercises through sighs and sirens (ice cream hums, slide whistles)

6. Movement Game: "Wake Up You Lazy Bones!" (Concepts: so-do relationships, movement for form expression, duple vs. triple time)

7. Ear Training: rhythm playbacks in duple time, sing backs (so-do patterns & do-re-mi patterns) and intro to with hand signs

8. Previewed "Little Drummer Boy" and learned the "pa rum pum pum pum" parts

9. Sang our Goodbye Song and signed off

We also covered some Zoom etiquette and routines.

Homework: Stay tuned for the survey results to be communicated tomorrow evening. Listen and move to our movement game, linked here. Practice speaking the words to Little Drummer Boy; we will work more on singing it next rehearsal!

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