Sept 13 - Rehearsal Summary

Hello and welcome to the VIVA Prep Chorus,

It was so special meeting everyone, moving and singing together, and seeing your scavenger hunt treasures! I am excited for a wonderful season.

Here is our rehearsal summary:

  1. Welcome & introductions

  2. Welcome song and warm-up

  3. Physical warm-up: "Good Evening" with movement (A Section - Marching, B Section - stop/pat/clap/snap even quarter notes)

  4. Breath Warm-Up: straw "tsss" exercise

  5. "Do a Deer" Introduction (echo singing)

  6. Movement and Music / Setting Routines with piano cue

  7. "Will you please stand up?" "Will you please sit down?" (do re mi fa so, so fa mi re do)

  8. March on the spot (keep the beat, changing tempo)

  9. "Do a Deer" Chorus (echo singing)

  10. Wellness: hand on chest and tummy breathing exercises

  11. "Hello, hello, how do you do?" song

  12. Scavenger hunt

  13. various items, including something that makes sound and a treasure!

  14. Goodbye Song: "Goodbye Friends"

We are excited to dive into our repertoire in future rehearsals! We'll be working on four songs from The Sound of Music for the first half of the year, and we'll be supplementing our repertoire with short movement songs, activities, etc. You can find practice resources for the Prep Choir in FileShare on Chorister Corner.

Additionally, I'm excited to offer one-on-one check-ins with choristers after rehearsal. We'll begin our first set of check-ins next week. These are optional short mini-lessons and a chance for me to get to know your young singer and work with them more closely. Please keep your eye on your inbox for a scheduling e-mail!

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