Sept 17 - Rehearsal Summary

Great rehearsal on Friday! Here is a brief summary.

  1. Welcome Song: Good Evening, I'm Feeling Good Today: ABA form with body percussion as echoes in B section)

  2. Warm-Up

  3. Physical: mirror me + tapping ('waking up our bodies' - wellness focus)

  4. Breath: 1 hand on chest, 1 hand on tummy (wellness focus)

  5. Voice: sighs and sirens with slide whistle

  6. Hello Song: "Hello, Hello, How do you do?"

  7. Do A Deer: from "Do a deer" to "that will bring us back to Do-oh-oh-oh" with actions

  8. My Favourite Things: verse 1 echoing from "Raindrops on roses" to "these are a few of my favourite things"

  9. discussion: what are some of your favourite things that help you feel better if you are feeling sad?

  10. Storybook Ending: "All Are Welcome" book (first half only)

  11. Goodbye Song: "Goodbye Friends"

See you on Monday!

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