Sept 27 - Rehearsal Summary

Great to see everyone today! We had a fun rehearsal filled with singing and movement.

  1. Warm-Up and Welcome Song

  2. Physical Warm-Up: Good Evening (ABA form with body percussion in B section)

  3. Vocal Warm-Up: slide whistle sighs and sirens + student improvisation (slide whistle) + descending scales on vowels (ah, oh, oo)

  4. "My Favourite Things"

  5. learned verse 3 echoing

  6. Movement for Form and Expression: "The Aquarium" (Carnival of the Animals) with movement scarf

  7. "Baby Shark" with movements

  8. Breathing exercises

  9. "Do-Re-Mi"

  10. Ear Training: so-do echoing

  11. Movement Game (+so do): "Wake Up You Lazy Bones!" (+optional drum during the B Section)

  12. "So Long Farewell" echoing

  13. Cultural Connections: What are some different ways we can say goodbye? (Mandarin, Cantonese, Hebrew)

Please listen to and try to sing along to our Sound of Music pieces at home between rehearsals, especially "My Favourite Things," "Do-Re-Mi" and "So Long Farewell." The Julie Andrews versions on YouTube are excellent and all in the same key as our VIVA selections -- so they are perfect practice resources for us. :)

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