DIGITAL RECORDING RESOURCES for November 18 submission

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

We are now preparing for recording for our December concert. Only use recordings to sing with which are labelled - Nov. 18. The sound is in your ear on a secondary device as you record. BE SURE TO SPEND THIS WEEK OF Nov. 2 MEMORIZING YOUR 2 SONGS.

A. Here is your guide for recording:

RECORDING GUIDE with link to GDrive - VIVA Singers Toronto - Youth Choirs (1)
Download PDF • 91KB

B. Here are your resources to be singing with when you record.

1. Use this orchestral accomp. to record "It Feels Like Christmas". Don't forget your CHOREO! Have fun!

Nov 18 - _It Feels Like Christmas_ Guide Track
Download MP3 • 6.31MB

Here is the Muppet Version which you can also use to sing along with. Please do not emulate the quality of singing; this is just to help you with entrances!

2. Use the recording of your own part for "In Winter".

Nov18 In Winter - S1
Download MP3 • 4.61MB

Nov18 In Winter - S2
Download MP3 • 4.61MB

Nov18 In Winter - Alto
Download MP3 • 4.57MB

Conducting track for those who wish to wish to use it:

Download MOV • 338.44MB

3. Use this recording in your ear for Pat-A-Pan. You are only singing verse 3. Follow the recorder part which plays the melody all the way through.

Nov.18 - Pat a Pan - Recorder + Piano
Download MP3 • 4.74MB

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