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Youth Creation Stream

Youth Creation Stream

Creation Stream is an optional enrichment opportunity for any VIVA youth chorister (Junior, Main, or CYLS) who wishes to create/compose. It will be held online for several Saturdays, led by expert VIVA staff Laura Menard (conductor and music educator) and Tyler Versluis (composer and theory coordinator).


What you need to know: 

  • ALL ARE WELCOME to participate in this project

  • Sessions are on Saturday Mornings: Oct 28, Nov 18, Nov 25, Jan 20, Feb 3, Mar 2, Mar 23

  • Monday, March 25th: special in-person Creation Showcase for all participants and families! 

  • Expert individualized support provided by VIVA staff



Children/youth will have the opportunity to create:

1. CONVENTIONALLY - pencil to paper or on Noteflight notation software

2. DIGITALLY - on Soundtrap or an alternative platform

3. ARRANGING OR ORCHESTRATING - pieces or songs they have already composed

4. BRAINSTORMING - writing lyrics to be used by themselves or others in song composition

5. EXPLORING - through conventional or alternative uses of the human voice

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