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Preparatory Chorus

4-6 years, established 2000

The Prep Chorus gently introduces choral singing and performance to children ages 4-6. Choristers learn the foundations of music and notation through a play-based approach to singing, including  Orff-based creation opportunities. Singers perform in VIVA’s two in-house concerts each year and participate in one Orff Showcase. Teaching Assistants drawn from the Choral Mentoring & Leadership Program play an active role in fostering collaboration and engagement in music education with the Chorus members. 


Children wishing to join the Preparatory Chorus should be prepared to actively and cooperatively participate in age-appropriate singing activities every Monday evening. 

2023/24 Rehearsals

Mondays from 5:00 to 6:00 PM at Trinity - St. Paul's Centre

Junior Chorus

7-10 years, established 2000

Children ages 7 and up develop their musical knowledge through theory and practice, teamwork, and sight-singing of existing repertoire; and the creation of unique music through Orff-based compositions.  Children ready  to join the Junior Chorus love singing, successfully tone match, are able to focus for the duration of a 75 minute rehearsal, and are prepared to do some theory and singing homework weekly. Choristers are expected to attend the Fall Performing Arts Camp.  No previous choral or musical experience is required. 

2023/24 Rehearsals

Mondays from 5:00 to 6:00 PM at Trinity - St. Paul's Centre

Main Chorus

ages 9 -16; auditioned chorus, established  2001

Singers ages 9 and up study advanced treble repertoire and have the opportunity to sing in professional engagements as well as VIVA’s two annual in-house concerts. These singers demonstrate a well-developed tone, an ability to sing in harmony, and can read music at a basic level. Singers in the Main Chorus are passionate about singing, focused during rehearsals, and are disciplined about practicing. A basic knowledge of theory is essential.  In summary, singers demonstrate the ability to hold a harmony part, follow their part in a score, read music, and sing in tune. 


Choristers are expected to attend and actively contribute in all rehearsals and dress rehearsals, Fall Arts Camp, and complete weekly singing and theory homework.  Singers wishing to join the Main Chorus should be able to work collaboratively and engage in focused, respectful behaviour which demonstrates readiness for professional contact, festivals and tours.  

Main choristers are assessed at the end of each year for progress in musical literacy, theory, and vocal production.

Theory classes are held 6:30-7:00PM at the conclusion of regular rehearsal. 

2023/24 Rehearsals 

Mondays from 5:00 to 7:00 PM at Trinity - St. Paul's Centre 

youth chamber leadership singers (2).png

leadership through choral music, singers Gr. 8 - 12; auditioned chorus, 

established 2019

The Chamber Youth Leadership Singers (CYLS) provides singers with a unique choral bridging experience and scaffolded introduction to advanced SATB repertoire. In addition to their repertoire-based literacy programming and preparation for performances with the Chamber Singers, many CYLS participants receive volunteer hours for weekly rehearsals supporting the Main Chorus. Additionally, these singers receive leadership opportunities throughout the season in order to build confidence and skills as leaders in the world of vocal music. ​

Chamber Youth Leadership Singers are confident music readers and performers who are looking for additional challenges as choral musicians. They also enjoy touring opportunities.

2023/24 Rehearsals 

Mondays from 6:15 to 7:15 PM and select Sundays throughout the season from 1:30 to 3:30 PM at Trinity - St. Paul's Centre 


every voice

(formerly known as the ECS Chorus),

an entry level choir; for teens and adults who currently or previously have an IEP and require individualized support,

established 2010

EVM Chorus singers receive a combination of small-group and individual instruction, individualized support in rehearsals, and regular integration into the larger (SATB) VIVA Community Choir.  EVM learns and performs a variety of music in unison or two parts which is challenging and diverse. Singers are presented with performance opportunities in VIVA’s two annual in-house youth concerts as well as concerts presented jointly with the VIVA Community Choir. 

Modifications in assessment requirements will be made for singers who have diagnosed disabilities or Individual Education Plans. Please indicate these needs at the time of booking. Parents and caregivers should be available to discuss their singer’s strengths and needs with the Artistic Director and Inclusion Coordinator at the time of assessment, in order that the appropriate individualized support can be provided.


Singers wishing to join EVM should be able to work collaboratively, and demonstrate collegial and respectful behaviour toward others.

EVM operates with the financial support of TD Bank through the VIVA TD Inclusion Program. VIVA is grateful for this partnership.

2023/24 Rehearsals

Mondays from 7:30 to 8:45 PM at Trinity - St. Paul's Centre

Chamber Singers

teens to adults; auditioned, SATB, 

established 2005

The VIVA Chamber Singers (an SATB chamber choir) is comprised of experienced and highly-skilled singers who are young professionals, post-secondary students, and senior high school students. Singers younger than 15 whose voices have changed may also apply. Members are strong music readers and interpreters, and demonstrate excellent choral tone.


This choir is suitable for dedicated singers who are interested in broadening their vocal and musical horizons, are passionate about performing major choral works, and are keen to take on diverse musical challenges. The singers enjoy opportunities to sing in professional engagements and international tours. 

The Chamber Singers offers opportunities for choristers to further their learning by working with the other VIVA choirs as Vocal Coaches and Teaching Assistants through our Choral Mentoring and Leadership Program.

2023/24 Rehearsals

Sundays from 2:00 to 3:30 PM at Trinity - St. Paul's Centre

Community Choir

entry-level, non-auditioned

mixed voice choir; teens and adults, established 2017

The Community Choir is an SATB choir dedicated to community building and active engagement through the enjoyment of, and passion for, choral music. The vision for this choir is of a large and diverse group of singers of all ages and backgrounds to embody what the name of this choir suggests: community! 


The choir is open to adult singers of all ages including young changing voices, and is suitable for all levels of experience. The Community Choir works alongside the EVM Chorus, collaborating on several common pieces each year, including large choral works.

2023/24 Rehearsals 

Mondays from 7:30 to 8:45 PM at Trinity - St. Paul's Centre


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