The website will lead you through 3 steps. First, head to the Chorister Corner tab on the website. The steps go as follows: 

1) Create a “MyVIVA Account” (new choristers only)

2) Registration forms

3) Payment 

You must complete all 3 steps in order to be fully registered. We strongly advise against using Internet Explorer for registration if possible (please consider using Google Chrome or Firefox)


Step-by-Step Online Registration:


STEP ONE: Create a “MyVIVA Account”

a) Go to the new VIVA website - https://www.vivasingerstoronto.com/

b) Go to 2021/22 Chorister Registration (2nd tab under the Chorister Corner header)

c) You will be prompted to make create a MyVIVA Account - *Note - you cannot access 21/22 Chorister Registration without a MyVIVA Account

The “MyVIVA Account” is your online profile that gives you access to the Chorister Corner and the Online Store for tuition payments, VIVA t-shirts, Singer’s Masks and other VIVA merchandise. Please note: MyVIVA Account should be made in the chorister's name (and caregiver/parent's email address if they don’t have one). If you are registering more than one chorister, each chorister needs their own account. If you registered online last season, you already have a MyVIVA Account - Do not create a new one.


STEP TWO: Registration forms

a) Go to 2021/22 Chorister Registration - (2nd tab under Chorister Corner header) 

b) Choose your section from the following options - Preparatory Chorus, Junior Chorus, Main/ Sr. Treble Chorus, EVM, Community Choir (Youth/ Adult), Chamber Singers (Youth/ Adult), Staff (Youth/ Adult)

c) Fill out the forms 

d) The last page of the registration forms is entitled Chorister/ Staff Agreements - Please read these documents carefully, as they contain a lot of valuable information. These documents can be accessed at any time under File Share (5th tab under the Chorister Corner header)




a) Go to the Online Store (last tab under the Chorister Corner header) - *Note - if you have requested a bursary you do not need to proceed to the online store.

b) Here you will find tuition fees, VIVA merchandise and bursary donation options.

c) Click anything that applies to you.  It will ask you for a shipping address at checkout.  Nothing will be shipped to you. All music and merchandise will either be delivered by a staff member or can be picked up at the beginning of September. More details to come. 

*Reminder - All Mains and Juniors, are required to have a VIVA bag and Main choristers are required to have a VIVA black music folder. Please add these items to your cart when you are paying for tuition. New choristers must purchase a VIVA T-shirt to wear for virtual concert recordings and in-person concerts.  

d) **Special note for Senior Treble Chorus - If you are registering as STC please choose the “Senior Treble Chorus Fee” at checkout (it is Main tuition + $400). Do not checkout as a Main Chorister.

e) If you are registering multiple children don’t forget to use your coupon at checkout. 

f) Payments are made through Paypal.  If you do not have a Paypal account then you can check out as a guest using a credit card or a visa debit card of your choice. 


If you have any questions about the enrolment package or fees, please email charlotte@vivayouthsingers.com.

If you have questions about online registration or “MyVIVA Account” login, please email hello@vivayouthsingers.com


Registration documents found in File Share include: 


1. Enrolment Agreement (adult/ youth)

2. Important Dates

3. Sexual Misconduct Policy

4. List of Board Members

5. Code of Online Conduct

6. COVID-19 Safety Policy

7. Website Privacy Policy

8. Bursary Application (Youth and EVM)

9. Zoom Etiquette


1. Staff Agreement

2. Inclusion Confidentiality Agreement

3. Staff Declaration

4. Sexual Misconduct Policy

5. Staff Policies and Procedures

Step 2: Chorister Registration Form

Please pick your choir:

A new tab will open

18 & over

Step 3: Payment