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For next rehearsal, please review all of the many new elements we were introduced to at camp. We did a great deal of work finding our way in complex scores, identifying systems, and how the measure numbers are determined. We worked with conducting patterns 2, 3, and 4 extensively throughout the learning process of our new music.

  1. MEDIEVAL BESTIARY - by Dean Burry

This is for our Dec. 2 Seasonal Winter Concert, along with Toronto Consort. Note that some of the soundfiles for these pieces are posted on previous week's summaries. Download them for your own convenience. Please review the following components rehearsed at camp:

a. Movement III Incipit Liber

We completed score preparation, ensuring we marked our own part in each system. Sing through your part.

b. Movement XIX Explicit Liber

We completed score prep again, noting that Main is singing the middle line only in this movement. We learned the entire movement. We marked 'COMPOUND TIME' on page 55 and conducted ourselves in 2.

We numbered our entries in both of these movements to be mindful of repetition.

c. Dragon

Nice performance of this one at the showcase. Note the dynamic contrasts and phrasing which we have now built in. Practice all 5 sections, but take them apart so you can focus on the challenges of each section. Remember that Laura had you mark the structure (5) of this piece in September.

d. Dragon Dance

Thanks for performing this at the showcase! Nice work in a short time. Review the choreography instruction videos provided by Dance Teacher Sam Pisani and his student. You can find these videos in Comments section below.

e. Caladrius

We marked our parts - Soprano or Alto - on each system throughout pages 20-28. We sang through the entire piece once, but focussed on pages 23 and 24, with the many changing meters. We were reminded that C is for Common Time (4/4). We used our conducting patterns to help us speak through rhythm of pages 23 and 24.

See if you can keep your conducting patterns going as you sing along. This is challenging!

10 Caladrius - solo James Robbins
Download M4A • 10.12MB

f. Also for the December show, The Boar's Head Carol (no need to be pig-headed, haha).

Thanks for the performance on Sunday. Be sure to review your own part; review the Latin text.

We look forward to welcoming the composer, Dr. Tracy Wong, to our rehearsal on Monday, October 30.

2. Rasa Nusantara by T. Wong

Score prep.: Main is singing the top 2 lines of each system. The sopranos marked S in every system on top staff; the altos marked A beside the second staff in each system for each of the 11 pages. We noted we were in E+ on the first page. We then marked all 4 dances:

m. 6 Dance 1

m. 22 Dance 2

m. 38 Dance 3

m. 74 Dance 4

We read the notes on the back page (11). We learned the notes and rhythms to Dance 1 and Dance 4.

Review your part and sing along with the recording:

3. Singkap Siaga by T Wong

Score prep.: Main is singing the top 2 lines of each system here as well. The sopranos marked S in every system on top staff; the altos marked A beside the second staff in each system for each of the 12 pages. We noted we were in Eb+ on the first page. We read through the cover page which shares info. about this piece and about the composer. Note that there are 4 types of body percussion in this piece.

We learned pages 1 -4. Listen to the entire piece and review your part on pages 1-4. Note you have learned more than 4 pages as there is considerable repetition. Sing along where you can. Note that we will perform it with tenors and basses, however this recording makes it easier for you to hear your part for now.

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Laura Menard
Laura Menard
17 oct 2023

Hi all!

Here are the videos to accompany our "Dance of the Dragon" learning. It was already looking AWESOME! Can't wait to keep going together - in the meantime, use these vids to support your learning and practice. :)

Instruction Video #1

Instruction Video #2

Run-Through #1

Run-through #2

Me gusta
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