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CYLS Sunday Rehearsal #1

Hi CYLS! Great to see you this Sunday afternoon. Here's a summary of our rehearsal and the Chamber Singers Rehearsal that you were a part of afterwards! You can use these notes to mark your score.

1. Warm-Up

  • body (check stance and alignment)

  • breath and voice with lip trills (sirens, then perfect 5th perfect 8ve, then arpeggio plus descending scale)

2. Worthy

  • keep working on pitches and text in this one

  • altos: mark in your score that you are singing the soprano line in ms. 3 (then return to the alto line in ms. 4)

  • sopranos: notice your rhythm is different from the rest of the choir in ms. 5-6 "to God by his blood"

  • altos and bass: notice your rhythm is the same as each other

  • sopranos: check your notes in ms. 22 on "and glory"

  • text stress: "power" "riches" etc. should be shaped... words like "and" are not that important so should be lighter

  • bass: ms. 23 be ready for your entry!

  • everyone please check your notes and entries on page 221

  • sopranos: our next step is to fix the pitches in ms. 59 on page 223.

  • pg. 226 is piano dynamic (cross out the f and write in p please)

  • everyone at pg. 229 rehearsal L... Watch the conductor for the allargando! We will expand/slow down here.

3. Hallelujah and Amen

  • look up for your entries:)

  • text stress: what are the important syllable(s) in the word "hallelujah"? What are less important?

  • ms 19-21 is a crescendo so don't start too loud.... build!

  • count your long notes and look at the conductor for releases e.g. sopranos and altos ms. 52 "king of kings"

  • ms. 66 sopranos look at the conductor for the rit! Write in the rit if you haven't yet done so.

Great job everyone... Remember your sheet music and pencils for next time! Use the sticky notes to mark areas in your score that you would like to practice or places where you have questions.

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