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Updated: Feb 12


VIVA Singers Toronto THEME for January to May: POETRY in MOTION

Carmina Burana (excerpt) by Carl Orff (1895-1982)



  • Was a German composer and music educator;

  • Orff's ideas were developed into an innovative approach to music education for children, known as the Orff Schulwerk. The approach combines movement, singing, playing, and improvisation, and is used in VIVA’s Prep and Junior Choruses;

  • Orff believed music, movement and speech were inseparable.

Carmina Burana

  • Secular cantata composed in 1935;

  • the piece Orff is best known for;

  • work has been choreographed/danced many times;

  • Uses (Latin) poetry from 11th and 12th centuries;

  • Topic of the 24 poems used: the fickleness of fortune and wealth; the ephemeral nature of life, the joy of the return of spring and the pleasures and perils of drinking, gluttony, gambling, and lust.

We are performing Movement I - PRIMO VERE (SPRING) which has 3 parts. Here is a recording. Choir appears on 3 and 5.

Get Busy! by Rosephanye Powell

Check out this awesome composer. We are featuring her work this May:

We Rise Again by Leon Dubinsky; arr. Lydia Adams

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