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Main Chorus Rehearsal Summary - Monday, September 18 and 25

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Warm your voice up using exercises from rehearsal AND the ancient The Boar Head's Carol we introduced at rehearsal. Review the Latin text in rhythm of The Boar's Head Carol chorus.

Medieval Bestiary movements to date:

(haha, yes, Roman numerals!)

Listen to these recordings to reinforce your learning by listening once per day, and by singing along to your own part. Kindly avoid sharing these recordings as they are for archival purposes only. Thank you!

XV Dragon

15 Dragon
Download M4A • 7.42MB

X Caladrius

10 Caladrius
Download M4A • 10.12MB

Who are The Toronto Consort? Check them out. They will accompany us on our Dec. 2 Concert!

They are an internationally recognized ensemble whose members play and sing Medieval and Renaissance music. You will hear them play on ancient, original instruments - some which are the same as modern instruments, and some which you have not encountered before. The Toronto Consort are fellow tenants at TSP Centre as well!

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