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Rehearsal - Nov. 6th

What a packed night, friends!

Some reminders:

* Dragon is to be memorized for next week! You were doing really well with the spot-memory work, and it was awesome how you surprised yourselves with how well you already know it!

* Please review "Explicit Liber." The middle section as of m.18 was pretty rocky.

* We used "Peace on Earth" to voice match and get into a new seating plan. Your sound on this piece is already so beautiful! Here's the recording from tonight to prove it, lol. More detailed work next week. Use this recording to practice and memorize.

* "Dance of the Dragon" - some good figuring-out today; more next week!

It was SO FUN to sing with you at the Family Sing! More of this to come in the new year... ;)

Peace on Earth
Download M4A • 1.64MB

19 Explicit Liber
Download M4A • 5.49MB

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