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Monday April 15, 2024

A lot of great singing today. Here are a few music reminders:

  1. Gifts - memorized! We will hold the chord at the end as we practiced.

  2. A Great Big Sea - great work, Celeste! Remember the text and keep the energy throughout the piece.

  3. Kahkiyaw Oskayak - Wow! you really know this piece. We will work on the ending again next week.

Other reminders:

  1. Please register for the Scavenger Hunt. You can find the link for it here.

  2. Concert Clothing Swap-Shop! It’s spring cleaning time - and that means you’re probably going through your closets. We invite you to bring any clean gently-used dressy black items - shoes, pants, skirts - to rehearsal on Monday, April 22nd; Sunday, April 28th; and Monday, April 29th. Families who donate will receive a ticket to be the ‘first shoppers’ at VIVA’s Concert Clothing Swap-Shop on Sunday, May 5th and Monday, May 6th in the Gym. Singers with tickets can ‘shop’ first; and then all singers are welcome to take what they need for a FREE, eco-friendly spring concert wardrobe refresh!

  3. "Come Together" Youth Fundraiser is officially underway!  We're so excited to bring back this beloved Beatles-themed event to fundraise for our May 25th concert! More info was sent in an email blast to youth chorister families yesterday - see it below for more information about teams, how to fundraise, etc.. The chorister who raises the most money wins a season's pass to Wonderland!!

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