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Monday April 29, 2024

Good singing today!

  • You almost have all of the words to Great Big Sea - please try to review these before next week.

  • It was wonderful to sing with the CYLs today - remember to sing out - you know your part!

  • We have 2 more rehearsals until the dress rehearsal!! Isn't that amazing? Here is a schedule of May:

  1. May 6th, regular rehearsal

2. May 13th regular rehearsal

May 20th HOLIDAY - no rehearsal

3. Friday May 24th - Dress rehearsal 5-6:00

4. Saturday May 25th - CONCERT - call time 5:30 - Concert 6:30 pm

See you Saturday at 10 am at Christie Pits for our Scavenger Hunt! Should be fun!

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