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Rehearsal Summary - April 22

Happy Earth Day! Here's a quick summary of today's rehearsal.

GREAT progress today on your ear training into your theory work! WOW!

This is really coming together esp. through Tideo.

  1. Welcome Song

  2. Warm Up

    1. stand up song

    2. breath, vowels, tone --> descending scales

    3. ear training --> solfege echoing (including solos)

  3. Everybody Has a Light to Shine

    1. add introduction (soloists) and ending

  4. Tideo review with body percussion + decoding

  5. Penguin Ball + movement

  6. Small Groups

  7. Tideo decoding + dictation/writing

  8. Announcements

    1. Fundraiser on May 4

    2. Concert dress (black clothes, VIVA t-shirt)

  9. Goodbye Song

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