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Rehearsal Summary - January 29

Great rehearsal everyone! Here's a quick summary of what we worked on today.

  1. Welcome Song

  2. Warm Up

    1. Stand Up, Feet Apart

    2. Sighs and sirens

  3. Ear Training

    1. solfege echoing with hand signs

  4. Everybody Has a Little Light to Shine

    1. reviewed chorus

    2. choristers created movement

      1. everybody has a little = both arms reach up and around (circle)

      2. light to shine = hold a pretend light in your hands (and hold it for the next line)

      3. do your very best = hands move from your shoulders to point at the audience

      4. you can forget the rest = shake one finger to the beat

    3. put it all together for the chorus!

  5. Penguin Waltz

    1. reviewed verse 1 with echoes then sang through

    2. added dynamics (spin the sound... "penguins" and "dancing")

      1. we learned about crescendos today

    3. polished "T" at the ends of phrases (e.g. "tonight")

  6. Rhythm work

    1. reviewed ta, ti ti, rest

    2. learned ta-ah (half note)

    3. created rhythms

    4. sight read rhythms

  7. Circle Game

    1. Little Sally Walker (singing and movement)

  8. Rhythm game

    1. Poison Pattern

  9. Family Sing

    1. Fish and Chips round

    2. Edelweiss

    3. Coffee Song

    4. Can't Help Falling in Love

    5. Sing Your Way Home

  10. Announcements and Sign Out

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