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Rehearsal Summary - October 16

We had a great rehearsal today! Here is a quick summary of what we worked on.

  1. Welcome Song: Good Evening (singing with body percussion)

  2. New Welcome Song: Welcome to Choir (echo singing)

  3. Warm-Up with favourite animals (d r m f m r d patterns)

  4. Gryffin Song: ms. 1-11

  5. Meet Me in the Middle song & movement game

  6. Unicorn Song: full song

  7. Small Groups led by Simon and Edmee

  8. Handed out black music folders and new theory packages. We will add to this as the year progresses!

    1. We worked on ta, ti-ti, and rest, sight reading and also labelling the notation.

    2. We created a rhythm as a full group and then read it together.

    3. We worked on page 1 of our theory package.

  9. Gryffin Song: ms. 1-23

  10. Goodbye Song

  11. Announcements and Sign Out

    1. Please remember to bring your folder next week!

See you next time!

HOMEWORK: Please complete page 1 of theory if you did not finish it during rehearsal.

Please work on memorizing Unicorn and please practice Gryffin!

Please bring your music folder next week.

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