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Rehearsal Summary - October 23

Thanks for a lovely rehearsal today!

Here is a quick summary:

  1. Welcome Song: Good Evening (review) & Welcome to Choir (review)

  2. Warm Up: sighs and sirens, descending scale on "ah"

  3. Gryffin Song: ms. 1-21

  4. Musical Movement Game: Meet Me in the Middle song

  5. Unicorn Song: full piece

  6. Movement with Adam: choreographing the unicorn dance with scarves!

  7. Small Groups with Simon and Edmee

    1. Simon's group worked on the Gryffin Song ms. 1-21

    2. Edmee's group looked ahead to the Gryffin Song ms. 24-32 and did a little rhythmic composition/theory

  8. Announcements: Sweets for Singers & picking up a folder plus theory package after rehearsal from Simon for anyone who didn't receive one last week!

  9. Goodbye Song: Goodbye friends


  • Please continue to work on memorizing the Unicorn song. We will try Unicorn by memory next week!

  • We have also made great progress on the Gryffin song--approaching the halfway point with this tune. Please practice this song as well until at least ms. 21 (or 32 if your child was in the small group with me).

  • Every chorister has received a black folder; please bring it to each rehearsal. Thank you!

See you next week!

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