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Rehearsal Summary - October 30

Hello! We had a great rehearsal today. Awesome focus & progress!

Here is a quick summary:

1. Welcome Song

2. Quick Warm Up: sighs and sirens, echo singing (ear training) with solfege

3. Unicorn Song: polishing stage... full run through and by memory!

4. Musical Movement: pass the pumpkin circle game

5. Gryffin Song: ms. 1-32

6. Small Groups with Simon and Edmee

  • Worked on the rest of the Gryffin Song (ms. 33-end)

  • Did a little rhythm composing

7. Announcements:

  • Creation stream - thank you Tyler for visiting! Registration is open for those who want to compose and create songs!

  • Family Sing (next week) - all are welcome!

  • Please practice our concert songs (Gryffin, Unicorn) so you know them by heart

8. The Boar's Head: we began learning this new song.

9. Goodbye Song & Sign Out

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