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Rehearsal Summary - September 25, 2023

So great to see everyone and to be with you all in person today!

Here is a quick summary of what we learned today.

  1. Welcome Song: movement and singing in in A B A form

  2. Getting to Know You: with tambourine

  3. Review Routines and Expectations

  4. Warm Ups: descending pentascales (so fa mi re do), sighs and sirens

  5. Unicorn:

    1. reviewed ms. 1-15 (until "clip clop clipping")

    2. learned ms. 18-31 (echo singing -- until "a uni, uni, uni, uni, uni, uni-corn")

    3. introduced ms. 37-end ("prancing dancing" until the end)

  6. Bluebird: movement and singing in A B form

    1. introduced the song

    2. played the game!

  7. All Are Welcome (book) + Song

    1. sung through the book with "all are welcome" from choristers

    2. ear training: connected with the warm-up and solfege "mi re do" patterns

  8. Theory: "ta" and "ti ti"

    1. sight read 1 rhythm

    2. choristers composed 1 rhythm

    3. we read the rhythm together

  9. Visit from Carol, Laura, Erin, Chiara, and Tyler

    1. Introduced the VIVA team & Prep Chorus Team

    2. Reminders to check the VIVA Newsletter

    3. Info about Chorister Corner

    4. Info about File Share

Homework for next week: please practice "The Unicorn."

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