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It was nice to have you sing in the semi-circle today! I could hear and see all of you.

Here are a few reminders from our rehearsal:

  • Gifts is memorized! Now remember to make music - sing the text.

  • Stand tall and don't fidget when you are singing...this takes practice as well as your singing.

  • Good work on your theory! Please continue completing your assigned page(s).

  • Next week, we will sing with the Main and CYLS choirs for part of our rehearsal.

  • We have 3 regular rehearsals left - April 29, May 6, May 13th; our dress rehearsal is Friday May 24th from 5-6 and the CONCERT is on Saturday May 25th at 6:30 with a 5:30 call.

Happy Earth Day! Here's a quick summary of today's rehearsal.

GREAT progress today on your ear training into your theory work! WOW!

This is really coming together esp. through Tideo.

  1. Welcome Song

  2. Warm Up

    1. stand up song

    2. breath, vowels, tone --> descending scales

    3. ear training --> solfege echoing (including solos)

  3. Everybody Has a Light to Shine

    1. add introduction (soloists) and ending

  4. Tideo review with body percussion + decoding

  5. Penguin Ball + movement

  6. Small Groups

  7. Tideo decoding + dictation/writing

  8. Announcements

    1. Fundraiser on May 4

    2. Concert dress (black clothes, VIVA t-shirt)

  9. Goodbye Song

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We had a great rehearsal this week! Here is a quick summary.

1 - Welcome to music

2 - Warm up: body/breath/voice sequence

  • 'stand up' song

  • 'evil laugh' warm-up

3 - Ear Training

  • echo singing on solfege

  • echo singing with audiating & hand signs

4 - Everybody Has a Light to Shine

  • We learned the bridge, ending.

  • Reviewed verse 2 words

  • Put everything in context: verse 1, chorus, verse 2, chorus, bridge, chorus

5 - Tideo

  • Learned a new song with movement

6 - Penguin Ball

  • Reviewed full song

  • Focused on the final section

7 - Small Groups with Edmee and Simon

8 - Everybody Has a Light to Shine

  • Full song including opening solo parts

9 - Announcements, Goodbye Song, Sign Out

  • Fundraiser (Scavenger Hunt) - see newsletter!

  • Concert dress reminders & upcoming clothing swap

See you all next time!

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