Hi Juniors!

SO great to see your faces after our time off :)

Until we return to regular rehearsals, our summaries will be quite brief (and we'll be taking a break from theory), but below you will find a short outline of today's Junior rehearsal.

  1. Welcomed everyone back after the winter break and had some time to catch up/share stories

  2. Adam, our Orff coordinator, led us in a series of engaging activities relating to music, movement, and emotion

  3. We sang our Goodbye Song!

Looking forward to seeing you again soon,


Welcome to 2021! It was so great to see everyone again and to hear about your winter break. Here is a brief summary of our rehearsal.

  1. Welcome Song: Welcome to Music

  2. Announcements & Sharing: Welcome, Coco! + Winter break sharing.

  3. Body Warm-Up & Voice Warm-Up: Icicles, sighs & sirens (with student solos), descending scales (oo, ah)

  4. Spread a Little Sunshine, a New Year's song: learned chorus with actions (with a student solo)

  5. Oh My Aunt Came Back: echo song with actions

  6. Poison Pattern: quarter notes and eighth notes

  7. Melodic Ear Training: mi re do patterns

  8. This Little Light of Mine: learned first verse

  9. Move and freeze music game

See you next rehearsal!