Here is some important information which you need to complete your recordings. Please read each point carefully:

1. WHICH VOICE PART DO I SING? EVM women are singing soprano. EVM men are singing bass. Community Choir members will continue with their SATB voice parts as usual.

2. WHICH MOVEMENTS DO I RECORD? This is your choice. Recording can be stressful, but you can also learn alot about yourself as a singer. Before this Monday, try recording a couple of movements so you have an idea of the process, and you can bring your questions. We are not here to stress you out; we are here to provide suitable challenge and growth.

On Monday, Jan. 11, be prepared to tell us which movements you will record. Chorister choices are 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8b. You may do them all, or just record 1 or 2. TA's, please do all movements.

3. WHAT ARE THE DUE DATES? ALL SOPRANO and ALTO video recordings are due on January 15. You have had the link to my conducting resource videos since Dec. 23. BASS video recordings are due January 22. The bass resources are now available.


The link below has EVERYTHING you need for retrieving the video/vocal part. Select Conducting Resources/Voice Part/Chosen Movement


You submit your recording at the same link above. Select Submission/Voice Part/Movement

Oh, what fun we had yesterday! This was our last rehearsal for 2020 before our winter concert and the winter holidays. Hard to believe, I know! Thank you so much and congratulations on all your hard work this year.

Do you know anyone who might enjoy being a part of VIVA? Please send them our way! We are welcoming new members for January!

We played many musical games during yesterday's rehearsal! Here is a brief summary.

  1. Welcome Song: Welcome to Music

  2. Announcements: Dec 12 concert details (in our most recent e-newsletter) & an invitation for new VIVA members to join the choir in January

  3. Body Warm-Up: "You are a friend of mine" song with mirrored actions (featuring student leaders)

  4. Vocal warm-up: sighs and sirens, descending scales

  5. My Hat it Has 3 Corners: singing with actions

  6. Oh My Aunt Came Back: echo song with actions

  7. Do-a-Deer: singing with actions and with hand signs

  8. Wake Up You Lazy Bones: singing with actions

  9. Poison Pattern: quarter and eighth notes

  10. Jingle Bells (by popular request!)

  11. Icicles: singing with full-body solfege ladder

  12. Pat-a-Pan: singing all 3 verses

Get excited for our winter concert at 6:30p.m.! Happy holidays to you and your family, and we will see you in January!

Great work today! Here is a brief summary.

  1. Welcome Song: Welcome to Music

  2. Warm-Up: Sighs and sirens (slide whistle echoes), descending major scales (tall 'ah' vowels)

  3. Do-a-Deer

  4. Little Drummer Boy (full song)

  5. Pat-a-Pan (verse 2)

  6. Adam Mason's check-in: How are you feeling right now?

  7. Dr. Seuss read-aloud: My Many Coloured Days

  8. Colour check-in: We had some blues, pinks, yellow, green, and many others!

  9. Movement: We moved like various animals from Dr. Seuss' book.

  10. Announcements: See you on Friday for our last rehearsal and then on Saturday for our Zoom concert! Remember to check the most recent e-newsletter from VIVA for concert details... as well as for some good information about maple syrup order pick-ups this week!